In honor of the upcoming centennial of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote nationwide, host Tony Vergnetti has invited local experts to discuss the key players and events leading up to the passage of this momentous amendment, and how the movement traces its roots back to colonial times. Vergnetti will be joined in-studio by Maggie Worsdale, a historian and performer, to highlight the first ladies who were involved in the fight to grant women the right to vote, as well as other freedoms women have fought for over the years. Barbara Callander, a historian and performer currently working with the National Woman’s Party at the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Memorial, will also be in-studio to discuss key women leaders involved in the fight to win women the vote, and how the upcoming 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment affects all the women of our country. ”

Women's History Month and the Suffrage Movement FEDtalk - Federal News Radio - Washington, D.C.

Your Martha Washington presentation/performance last Sunday at our library was just fabulous. Rarely have we had such a big and satisfied audience, with so much great feedback afterwards. ”

— Sandy Putnam - Director Clarence Dillon Public Library Bedminster, NJ

It was packed house for Maggie Worsdale's Martha Washington in Spartanburg SC last night (Jan 12, 2018.) "Martha" skillfully engaged the audience with great storytelling. They savored hearing the historic tales they knew and were fascinated by those they had never heard before. During Q & A the audience had great questions and Worsdale's answers were insightful, entertaining and spot-on. Hurrah for the Grande Dames of the Revolution! ”


Thank you so much for bringing your fabulous program; First Ladies According to Martha Washington to the Rahway Public Library on Saturday, March 26. I wanted a program that would satisfy the history buff but also provide an entertaining, theatrical experience and I couldn’t have chosen a better performer to deliver that experience than you, Maggie! Our audience was totally engaged which was evident whenever you addressed them directly or asked for their participation. Your historical details about Martha Washington and other First Ladies were touching and humorous but most were entirely new to me, and I’ve read a lot of history! I wish I had taken notes but because you brought us theater rather than lecture, the thought never crossed my mind until later. I received wonderful comments from the audience regarding your performance and received much undeserved credit for “finding” you. Most were amazed that you could present so much factual information while staying in character and making us feel like we were just having a chat with “Martha”. Again, the Rahway Public Library thanks you for bringing us a great program! ”

— Norma Wine, M.L.I.S. Community Services Librarian Rahway Public Library ”

Maggie Worsdale as Martha Washington not only looked the part, she brought her to life. She held our audience transfixed with stories, information, and insights about Martha Washington and other past first ladies, all delivered as though you were having a conversation with her. ”

— Linda H. Feaster, Branch Manager - Long Beach Island Branch

I was ready for an educational event, but Maggie delivered a FUN! educational event. ”

— Jane Herndon - Manager, Aviation Environmental Programs at The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Maggie Worsdale had her audience completely enthralled and captivated. Smartly dressed as Martha Washington, she told interesting antidotes about numerous first ladies. Can’t wait to see what else she has to offer. ”

— Phyllis Rodgers - Riverton Historical Society

Maggie's program was a wonderful, engaging mix of history, humor, and storytelling all told in an entertaining but informative program. Time truly flies when you are under Maggie's spell! ”

— Anne Mandanayake - Program Co-ordinator, Kinnelon Public Library

New Jersey State Library

The event, which was anticipated to be enjoyable, was a great hit. We had the largest crowd we’ve ever had in our three-years of lunch time programs. Maggie Worsdale drew us in as Martha Washington and we laughed and even shed a tear sometimes as she led us in this journey of learning about the first ladies. A memorable program that everyone enjoyed.

Cindy Warrick - Sr. Public Information Assistant -

New Jersey State Library  

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