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The First, First Lady

Martha Washington's eight years as the first, First Lady were extremely difficult for her, but she viewed it as a duty to her husband and she learned to make the most of her situation. By the time she arrived at the capital, her husband's secretary, who had lived in Europe, created a series of rigid protocol rules that she found especially limiting of her, particularly the one which forbade her and the President from accepting invitations to dine in private homes. She often felt isolated, lonely, and frustrated with the way the press portrayed her husband. This is an in-depth look at Martha’s eight years as she made her way as the first lady of a new land. There were no guidelines to help her navigate these new political waters. She had only her past experience and common sense to help lead the way.


Great Ladies Of The American Revolution

Women wanted independence just as much as the men. The impact that ladies had on the revolutionary effort did not take center stage and has been underrated. The involvement of some of these women has not been as recognizable as others but they all had one thing in common, patriotic passion.  These women were steadfast, dependable and assisted in every way imaginable, many even risking their own lives and fearing for their personal safety. Martha Washington speaks about a number of these great ladies and what they did for the cause.

Her Life - Martha Washington

An intimate look into the life of Martha Washington portrayed by actress Maggie Worsdale. Martha's happy childhood, her courtships, her children, grandchildren, friends, and her heartaches are subject of this one hour lecture. This remarkable life did not unfold as she would have liked but great happiness was found along the way. Determined to be happy and cheerful, Martha made the most of her days on earth and was granted, in her obituary, this grand notation: "


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