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March 2018

Great Ladies Of The American Revolution

Martha Washington will be touring the east coast discussing the GREAT LADIES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

While the men were busy founding the nation, what were the women up to?

It’s safe to say that most of the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, fought the Revolution, and formed the government could not have done it without the women.

Actress  Maggie Worsdale brings to life the iconic wife of George Washington -  Martha Washington. Dressed in period attire and having done extensive research into the stories of women whose extraordinary actions during the Revolutionary War years helped American earn its FREEDOM AND THE WAR, Maggie Worsdale presents a program that both entertains and educates.

Did you know…

     Lydia Darrah curtailed a British surprise attack just by listening through a keyhole?

     Nancy Hart hog-tied British spies?

     The ladies of Philadelphia collected $300,000 in the summer of 1780 to support the troops?

These are just a few of the stories and personal accounts Martha Washington shares on her journey through the years of the American Revolution when men picked up arms to fight for Independence and the women carried on.


The event, which was anticipated to be enjoyable, was a great hit. We had the largest crowd weve ever had in our three-years of lunch time programs. Maggie Worsdale drew us in as Martha Washington and we laughed and even shed a tear sometimes as she led us in this journey of learning about the first ladies. A memorable program that everyone enjoyed.                                                                      

Cindy Warrick - Sr. Public Information Assistant - New Jersey State Library